ReMaths Rules
Repeat. Remember. Results!

ReMaths is a simple, effective, easy to use revision and learning app. It contains all the rules you need for your maths; Yr 6, 11+, 13+ and GCSE (Foundation and Higher).

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Like any game, if you don't know the rules, you can't play the game. Maths is like playing a game. Know the rules, play the game.

ReMaths has been created using simplified depictions of key maths rules that have been tried and tested by many students in the past, with great results.

ReMaths is split up into four groups. Select the group that corresponds to your education level, and start swiping through the rules. You don't need to spend long on each rule, just long enough for the information to sink in, then move on to the next. The more you do this, the easier it'll become to remember them.

ReMaths will count the number of times you complete a group. See how many times you can cycle through every rule in a group. Each group has a contents page, in case you need to find a specific rule.

You may develop your own way to use the app to aid your maths learning and start seeing results, but like any skill, repetition is key.

Sue’s ReMaths rules enabled my daughter to exceed all expectations in her maths GCSE result. For a child with dyscalculia the rules provide an effective structure from which to build confidence and successful learning - I would highly recommend the app!

-- A happy parent

Below are a collection of videos from Sue, the creator of ReMaths.

Sue's Acknowledgements

I would like to express my very grateful appreciation to Henry Young, the app developer and website developer, for his patience, support and guidance, in addition to the practical development of the app and making it all possible with Google and Apple.

I am grateful to Gwenno Henley for producing the endless graphics, accommodating my awkward requests and handwritten designs.

I wish to thank George Stovell for starting off the graphics, editing my written words and videos, his wisdom and persistence with attention to detail and keeping me calmly on track.

Thank you Tim Durham for doing the filming, one needs a friend to do this!!

I am very appreciative of Arthur Stovell and his wonderful Graphic Design skills producing the ReMaths logo, and the advice he gives me.

I am grateful to Eirian Stovell for her enthusiasm and contribution to marketing the ReMaths rules.

Huge thanks for the inspiration and motivation I received from Shaun Lindbergh in starting off the process of the ReMaths app creation, and for keeping me on track and patient with empowering words of encouragement and wisdom.

To all my wonderful pupils on whom these rules have been tried and tested for many years - thank you for trusting my methods and proving to me that it works.