ReMaths General Privacy Policy

The ReMaths Website

ReMaths uses Swetrix as our analytics platform of choice, due to its commitment to respecting users' privacy.

How does Swetrix respect my privacy?

According to their documentation, while Swetrix does take note of visitors' IP addresses and user agents on a server level, they only store the data for 30 minutes before it's deleted from their records completely. The service doesn't use cookies, and won't follow your journey through our site if you've enabled your browser's Do Not Track feature.

Through Swetrix, we have no knowledge of any individual visitor's data; only a record of the fact that someone visited a given page.

The information we can see is:

  • Page visited (main page name only)
  • From User Agent
    • Browser name and version
    • Size of device (mobile / tablet / laptop / desktop)
    • Operating System name
  • From IP address
    • Country

The ReMaths App

We do not collect any user data from this application aside from that which is provided as analytic data through the app store from which the app is downloaded. This data includes, but is not limited to, the number of times an app is downloaded, the countries of origin for the downloads, the devices used to download the app and the Operating System software the device is running. This data is private only to the owners of ReMaths and those few individuals involved in the creation, maintenance and marketing of the app, and will be used to make improvements to the app and influence development of further or future apps.

From time to time, we may be required to update this Privacy Policy. Any updates to the policy will be mentioned on the app's description in the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android). It will be your responsibility to ensure you have read the latest version.

Platform-specific required permissions are listed below.

Android Permissions



We use these two permissions to save your progress, settings and achievements to your device.